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What makes me unique is that I have experienced similar career ups and downs that you are going through now and through this career counselling process I will share how I build resilience, picked myself up and found new opportunities and this is my story

What do I offer?

Safe environment to tell your story, provide support, encouragement and build confidence in articulating your career journey and how to reach your destination-A Successful Rewarding Career for a Lifestyle of your Choice.

My Story

I am a Certified Career Strategist (CCS), Certified Resume Strategist (CRS), Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (CVRP), and Certified Strong Interest Inventory Practitioner with a passion to help and support others to discover who they are, pursue their dreams, make informed career choices, and become the best person they can be.

 I am an immigrant with 20+years of experience in the Human Resources field as a Human Resources Manager/Director, Labour Relations Consultant. I found myself without a job several times. So, what was that like for me? I have grieved job loss, lost confidence, self-esteem and had to dig deep every time not to fall into a deep depression.  Thanks to supportive friends and family. The last time I lost my job and after job searching for 8 months, attending numerous interviews, getting to the final interview, and only to lose to someone else I re-evaluated myself and what I needed to do to pick myself up. I did labour market research to find the right career for me, and the forecast for employment opportunities after graduation. So, I went back to college full time for a Career Development Practitioner Program and graduated at the top of my class. I was hired as an Employment Coach 2 months after Graduation.

Those who know me well describe me as person-centered, good listener, empathetic, curious, visionary, compassionate, patient, empowering and supportive.

20+ years in Human Resources in senior positions.  Understanding Careers and Employment backed by sound education, qualifications and certifications. Experience in the career coaching/counselling field. An immigrant with both Canadian and international work experience. Experienced job loss and had courage to make a career change.

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